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Anyone know if REI honors sale prices early in store? Friends and Family is the best. Oddly it can be difficult to give them away as an employee and the employee might appreciate your offer. If the first employee refuses then try another.

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Have these already gone out? I have not received anything. Looking to buy two new bikes.

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Hi Laura, the friends and family discount comes in one-time-use codes that you get directly from an employee. Time to get friendly and buy a 6-pack or something! Mike, I'm not currently a member - do you know if I would have to be signed up to receive the upcoming member coupon, or could I sign up once it goes out and still receive it? Coupon Codes (50% discount) - June promo codes for REI

I've never done one of these sales before and am wondering how it works. I'm really only looking for one item and don't want to sign up for a membership until I know for sure a coupon is going out It's just a generic coupon code and you can sign up to be a member during the sale, so you can just monitor this site for the sale dates and make a decision then. Pretty sure I know the answer but just want to confirm - the dates you have listed, they are the beginning of the sale?

Those are the historical start dates of the sales. Most of the big ones last just over a week, covering a weekend at the start and finish. This is awesome! Thanks for collecting, compiling, and sharing your data! Yeah odd it's not in the mailer but the rumor I heard is that it will come separately for the end of March! Hello Mike, This is valuable! Thanks for sharing the historical dates.

Any chance you logged similar historical information for Patagonia. Thanks for posting this! I need some camping pads and they apparently always sell at retail so I wanted to know wait for the next REI coupon to arrive. Now I know to wait until mid-November. Not certain if that's still going on, but you can watch here for other special deals! The people want to know! If you're in the market for something substantial like a backpack or tent, shopping at REI during the sales is key. I get most of my stuff especially bike lights and accessories at the member garage sales, but sometimes you need a specific item or size or used won't cut it.

Like those other people on the internet, I've searched for the timing of these sales and didn't find anything satisfactory besides vague anecdotes. I guess I'll have to figure it out myself! My wife had an excellent data resource available—a gmail account just for promo emails where she uses the archive button, not delete. A simple search for "REI" provided me with a mountain of data, which I present here for your shopping ninjafication. Each sale has an associated promo code that they make very clear when shopping, but I am unaware of any separate secret promo codes.

Going on now: 4th of July Clearance! Time to shop? Please consider using my link to REI.

Don't want to wait for the next sale? Try these other great options: Moosejaw. Note that these are affiliate links for companies I know and trust—thanks for your support! Gathering data These became standardized nationally in While the dates have been different every year, we can see that the sales have become pretty frequent and you can guess at some of the approximate timing.

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Kristi Stephens November 22, at PM. Mike Schaus November 23, at AM. Anonymous December 29, at AM. Mike Schaus February 16, at PM. Anonymous March 22, at PM. Mike Schaus March 23, at PM. Kristen Corsetto May 1, at PM. Here's how to spend it. With top outdoor gear picks and a bit of history thrown in, this is our guide to the REI dividend.

Read more…. Each March, those hard-spent dollars at REI come back in the form of a little paper card with a personal or family dividend total. Dividend monies can be used on any item online or in store at REI. But to make shopping more motivating, REI throws in the extra member deals below, built around dividend season.

Here are some solid gear choices that will put your REI member perks to work. This smart starter kit for camping will help you sleep out under the stars with ease — no more borrowing, no more excuses. Built by trusted outdoor brand Kelty, the crash-pad bundle includes a roomy weatherproof four-person tent, two sleeping bags, and two sleeping pads. What a relief.

Shop BioLite Headlamp These colorful sippers work for everyday coffee carrying and can take a beating in outdoor elements. Plus, these companions can keep the hot hot and the cold cold, making them an investment that pays off in year-round hydration. The ultimate way to kick back in the outdoors, the NEMO Stargaze Recliner Luxury Chair supports maximum stargazing thanks to a headrest, winged arm supports, and auto-recline design. Spring rain showers? Forget about it with these Gore-Tex-lined, waterproof hikers.

They can take a soaking and are made to grip even in the gnarliest backcountry terrain.