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Email Address. Chuckie January 10, PM. Hello Zac. There are tiered plans which you can choose from depending on your data consumption needs. It was meant to compliment, not take its place. There lies the problem.

Globe launches all-new My Super Plan

It seems that you have been too dependent on mobile data especially when tethering other devices to it. If you are a heavy data user, best to get a REAL home broadband subscription. These are for customers with greater data needs. You can inquire through their hotline. So, forget all about UNLI. GoSURF is not an unli plan at all. Lemme know if you have any other questions. Thanks for dropping a line, Zac!

Zac You may keep your existing unlimited data plan which i suppose is the unlisurf plan for as long as you want. If you sign a new contract, you would have to choose from their current plan lineup which is really not good for people who are heavy internet users with their mobile because of the GB limit. So to keep your unlidata plan, use it as you normally do.

Pay your monthly bill. Do NOT make changes on your plan: no downgrade, no upgrade. Duke March 9, PM. It has unli Internet 3gig until it slows down pesos consumable 1 freebie texts to globe or tm And the pesos bill rebates. Jen January 11, AM. They just want to squeeze out as much money as they can from users. The one who thought of this concept is either crazy, or a hopeless suckup to Globe management. Why bunch up these apps into lifestyle packs? So you pay a lot more even if you prefer to use only one app in the group.

If you use viber, do you also really use wechat, whatsapp, line, and kakao talk? Take me for example, I am content with my plan unlimited internet because it gives me the freedom to go to any website I want, use any app I want, as long as I do not abuse the fair use policy of globe. This plan also comes with text messages and 10 mins of calls to globe. This is how I like it, this is perfect. Cause they want more money. With almost the same service as I have mentioned, if I apply for a globe line now, it would cost me around php1, 1.

Baseplan 2. Gosurf 3. Consumable Why are they not giving us a choice?


For The New Graduate: Time to Go Postpaid with Globe MySuperPlan | ClickTheCity Hot Off the Press

What if I do not want unlimited calls and texts to globe? I only send texts pesos worth average. I would be wasting my hard earned php because they are not giving me a choice to spend less. This one I think is fair for 5GB. In my current plan, my average internet consumption is GB a month. So you see, I cannot agree with you that this is a better deal. I agree with you, though, that this is simpler. This is for those who are simple minded, who prefer not to think and those who are easily confused.

Jen is right. Actually, we have same thoughts. Im n0t a heavy texter or caller. I kn0w that m0st of the pe0ple n0wadays were usually 0nline. I hate the plan coz is required and t0o much. I will n0t rec0ntract with them anym0re. Kakaoy Jr. January 15, PM. My unlisurf contract will end next month what if i will not re contract what will happen to my unli internet? Chuckie January 16, AM.

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If you do not recontract with Globe, your plan stays the same. Globe cannot and will not force you to change your current plan even after the lock-in period into another plan. Although, if you want to avail of a new phone from Globe, you would have to choose a plan from the their current MyLifetsyle Plan line-up. You can keep your unlisurf plan for as long as Globe is around. Take for example myself.

Sonofa January 19, PM. July20Nov10 January 22, PM. Does this mean they will phase out the mybestever super plan and new subscribers cannot get that anymore? I am on plan and it suits my needs perfectly. Hoping to get my mom onboard with it from her BESuperPlan Hi July20Nov Yes they are removing the mybesteversuper plan and replacing it with MyLifestyle Plan.

But if you are an existing MyBestEverSuperPlan subscriber, you may keep your plan as long as you do not re-contract with Globe, that is you do not sign a contract with lock-in period.

Hi Jen. Instead they offer boosters which will be billed on top of the monthly plan. Payback time to those who hate Globe. Services Offered: 1. Change Number - Php 2. Reconnection - Php - Benefits: Kahit may utang ka at kahit hwag mong bayaran, ire-reconnect natin.

Plan Record Deletion works with Broadband as well - Php - Benefits: May existing line ka at gusto mo maputol ng wala kang record sa Globe. Ask lang kayo ng gusto nyo ipagawa para sa quote.. Contact Information No, No, No! This is not Dencio's Restaurant! Total Pageviews.

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COM Copyright Powered by Blogger. No English? Let's Translate! How much does your Globe Postpaid Plan actually wo How much does your Globe Postpaid Plan actually worth? What is the best freebie combination for my Plan 1,?

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I always answer this questions with a computation: Question 1: Should I get a Plan and just pay for the iPhone on Installment? The gadget cash out is around P4, for an iPhone 16gb. Hanggang sa muli, Paalam! Share Post.

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