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And voila! What a saving too! If you have any further questions, let me know! You are so smart. Thank you so much for sharing this. I usually go Expedia mystery hotel, because I can add the number of people in, but I may give this a whirl. My personal example. I have used booking.

I declined the rental and went to a competitor, but CanRental.

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I have found customer service at CarRental. I will use Booking. Renting a car abroad is different than in the US where drivers have their own vehicle insurance that travels with them. So I would always recommend this as a method of saving money on hotels. Very clever. Never used Priceline before either and it looks promising. Thanks for the tips. Great tip! Thanks for the great advice. I just get so nervous! I wish there was a back out button! Never thought about using their math against them to guess which hotel you are going to get.

Does it work everytime or just most of them time. I like your trick though and will use it for future bookings. Great post. We do this as well not just for express deals, but also for Name Your Own Price. The theory is exactly the same though! Thank you!

Thanks for the guide. Thanks for sharing such information. Thanks for this, so helpful, have always been a bit scared of using Priceline but going to give it a go! Great info! Thanks for sharing your easy to follow tips. One question, is there a way to get a room with 2 beds? It seems to only give results for a room for 2 adults with a king bed. Hi Karla!

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That depends on the hotel. Sometimes it will give you a room type choice on booking, sometimes it will just say room assigned at check in. If you give me your dates, I can take a look for you. It looks like the discount will be on Holiday Inn, but there is not options for bed choice. It just says max occupancy 2 adults. There will be 3 of us, two adults and one child. Thanks for your help! There are a couple sites that list exactly which hotels are in which zone in major cities for the bidding option, but it should be the same for express deals. Sometimes it comes up with a choice of bedding configuration.

Which ones specifically were you looking at? Hi, Can you recommend how to book if you are travelling as a family of 5? Even booking 2 rooms means we may not fit. Thanks so much, Maria. Hi Maria! How old are your kids? Once you get to five it does become a bit of a problem to stay in hotel rooms actually as a lot of places have fire code requirements that say no more than 4 people are allowed in hotel rooms. Where are you travelling? Have you looked at Airbnb? Yeah they are too old to squeeze into a double bed so will look at airbnb.

I had this happen in Ontario, California a week ago. Thank you for taking the time to document your process and share it. This time I got burned and the place Priceline stuck us in Folk Inn turned out to be a real dump. As soon as I saw the hotel name I ran it through Google and the reviews helped prepare us for what was to come. Thankfully we only needed the room to sleep and shower. Again, thanks for putting this together. Sep 11, 12, pm. I used the "Express Deal" earlier today.

Amenities were Free Internet, Pet Friendly, 8.

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Come to think of it, I should have bid instead of the Express Deal. Oh well, lesson learned and at least it's only for 1 night. Find More Posts by nov Sep 15, 12, pm. How do you get to Express Deals. I don't see this on their site. Sep 18, 12, pm. My Recent Experience. I was going to an area where parking could be expensive. The hotel I chose stated as amenities free parking and free internet. Even if it was cheaper, I might not get the amenities. I got to the hotel, they looked at me like I was crazy when I told them I was promised free parking and free internet.

They charged me for both, I have a complaint going with Priceline. It will be interesting to see what Priceline does if they don't pay me back what I had to pay for parking and internet I will try a chargeback with the credit card company. Last edited by BigFlyer; Sep 18, 12 at pm. Find More Posts by BigFlyer. Oct 24, 12, pm.

Using Priceline Express Deals to Save Big on Hotels

Why you should check Express Deals before bidding. I was planning a weekend trip for November. Find More Posts by B1. Dec 15, 12, am. Got a question about priceline express deal in St Thomas. My question is, are those the only two hotel that I can get or is it possible that priceline will give me a hotel that's not mentioned?? Any help would be appreciated. Be sure to also note the estimated number of stops and the maximum layover time. In the example above, there is an estimated stop, with a maximum layover of 3 hours.

Not too bad for a flight to Rome! Keep in mind that this price includes taxes and fees, but additional baggage fees may apply. Further down the page, you can select other departure options, such as a later or earlier takeoff, and more or less stops. The flight deal listed first, however, is the one with the greatest savings. Once you confirm and submit, Priceline will immediately open a new window with your flight details, including departure and return times and airline. Emily, our summer intern, recently booked a Priceline Express Deal for her trip to Amsterdam from Minneapolis.

After booking the flight, she received an email with her flight details. As seen in the screenshot of the email above, all flight details are disclosed immediately after booking on the Priceline site, as well as in the confirmation email.

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The email also includes the details below. Again, something to note is that Priceline states these fares may not earn frequent flyer miles. However, as we mentioned, this is likely dependent on the airline you are flying. All things considered, if you are looking for a cheap flight deal and are flexible on departure and return time frames, Priceline Express Deals are worth considering.